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Show Shape Listings

Wish your home was always ready to show without disrupting your lifestyle? Keep your home in "Show Shape" with these tips and last minute phone calls to show your home will not be stressful.

Keep your home show ready with a quick reference checklist:

  • Wipe Down Kitchen Counters & Bath Counters
  • Wipe Front of Appliances
  • Keep Floors Tidy
  • Switch Towels or Remove Used Ones
  • Open All Window Treatments
  • Burn a Candle or Spray an Air Freshener
  • Empty Garbage Cans
  • Store Toys
  • Remove Personal Toiletry Items (Bins that fit under the sink or in the closet work well)
  • Hide Dirty Laundry if Possible
  • Make Beds
  • Fluff Pillows on Sofas and Chairs
  • Take Pets Out of the House & Store Pet Beds & Toys

Children can make the process easier if they are included in the plan. Use bins to collect and store toys and toiletries.

TIP for Children's Room: place a sleeping bag on top of the made bed, then store the sleeping bag in the closet. Include your children in the planning Children and Pets can make showings more difficult.

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