Pfeifer Realty Buyer Agent Representation and Services
LAST UPDATED: 26 March 2024

Why Would a Buyer Need a Dedicated Buyer’s Agent?

Navigating twists and turns of any transaction, while avoiding costly potholes, requires a wealth of real estate expertise and impeccable organization. While historically buyers have not needed to formally acquire representation by a buyer's agent to tour homes, present offers and negotiate the best terms and price, this will change. By mid-July 2024, due to a nationwide NAR settlement, sellers won’t be required to offer compensation to a buyer’s agent. Buyers will need to sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement to clarify their agent’s compensation which is always negotiable.  

A Buyer’s Agent goal is to help the buyer acquire their ideal property at the lowest possible price with optimal terms and conditions that benefit the buyer.

A Seller’s Agent goal is to help the seller obtain the highest price possible for their property with optimal terms and conditions that benefit the seller.

Pfeifer Buyer Agents are by your side representing your interests PRIOR, DURING and well AFTER closing. We encourage you to reach out to any of our past or current clients to understand our level of commitment and service. Below is a list of several buyer services we provide and once again we want to stress that commissions are always negotiable. Below is a list of buyer services we provide before during and after each transaction.

Pfeifer Realty Group's Buyer Services BEFORE Placing a Property Under Contract:  

  • Determine Buyer's Understanding of the NAR Settlement & Buyer's Agent Professional Service Fee
  • Explain Our Fiduciary Responsibility: We Help Buyers Acquire the Best Home for the Best Price, with Optimal Terms & Conditions.
  • Provide a List of References Including Community Leaders & Past Clients
  • Deliver Our Comprehensive Services Guide & Our Client Satisfaction Guarantee & Commitment to Excellence
  • Explain Our Locally Owned Boutique Brokerage Freedom From Corporate Delays & Franchise Red Tape
  • Introduce Disclosures Required by the State and Our Brokerage
  • Discuss Property “Must Have” Amenities & Do-not-exceed Budget Limits
  • Tour Neighborhood Options to Align Amenities with Lifestyle Goals
  • Discuss School Options & Preferences
  • Determine Distances to Shops, Medical Facilities, Dog Parks, Beaches, Public Boat Ramps, Highways, Airport etc.
  • Discuss Current Market Conditions & Factors Affecting Values
  • Explain Building Codes, Property Zoning & Any Limitations
  • Discuss FEMA 50% Rule, Height, Density, Footprint & Developed Area Limitations.
  • Schedule Home Tours Around Buyer’s Optimal Schedule
  • Prepare a Tour of Homes Notebook for Buyer’s Convenience
  • Tour Appropriate Homes In Person or Via FaceTime Touring
  • Discuss Individual Property Pros and Cons
  • Discuss Rental Restrictions as Needed
  • Meet with City Officials Regarding Property Options (Room for a Pool, Dock, etc.)
  • Deliver Buyer Feedback to Property Owners
  • Discuss HOA Fees or Limitations if Applicable.
  • Obtain HOA Documents & Last Meeting Minutes & Reserves
  • Provide Local Lender Contacts as Needed
  • Obtain Pre-approval Letter from Preferred Lender
  • Compare and Contrast Contract Options
  • Obtain Property Disclosures
  • Obtain Elevation Certificate
  • Verify the Listing Data in the MLS is Correct
  • Obtain Dates on Repairs or Replacements (AC Age, Roof Age etc.)
  • Discuss Listing Activity History (Days on Market, Rejected Offers, Back on Market Reasons)
  • Search for Open Permits Which Must Be Closed Out
  • Determine If There Are Unresolved Insurance Claims
  • Recommend Local Insurance Agents to Obtain Insurance Quotes for Homeowners, Wind and Flood & Assumable Options
  • Estimate and Project Carrying Costs (Utilities, Taxes, Insurance, HOA Fees)
  • Prepare a Proforma for Income Producing Properties
  • Discuss Florida’s Save Our Homes Act – Homesteading Tax Advantages
  • Estimate Property Value Using Comparable Sales & Active Listings
  • Identify Transferrable Warranties
  • Strategize Offers & Suitable Buyer Terms
  • Determine Optimal Closing Dates
  • Discuss Multiple Offer Strategy
  • Discuss Terms That Could Increase Your Offer's Appeal to Sellers
  • Discuss Furnishings as Negotiation Tool
  • Constant Contact With Listing Agent to Reveal Additional Buyer Interest
  • Prepare Formal Offer & Reviewing Terms, Conditions, and Response Time Limits
  • Present & Justify Offer to Seller’s Agent Highlighting Comps & Property Condition
  • Discuss the Appraisal Process and Schedule any Requested Appraisals
  • Promptly Present and Negotiate All Counteroffers
  • Clearly Understand Listing Exclusions and Obtain in Writing
  • Provide List of Inclusions & Photos
  • Review Closing Costs with Buyer – Standard vs. County Dependent Costs
  • Deliver Signed Contract to Pfeifer’s Closing Coordinator Expert

Pfeifer Realty Group's Buyer Services DURING the Contract Period:

  • Introduce Pfeifer’s Closing Agent to Buyers
  • Introduce Buyer to Seller's Chosen Title Company
  • Connect Selected Title Company with Buyer Directly
  • Discuss Obtaining Wiring Instructions Directly from Title Company to Avoid Fraud
  • Confirm Initial Deposit & Determine Second Deposit Date Based on Contract Terms
  • Discuss Property Inspection Options (Mechanical, Electrical, Mold, Termite, Radon etc.)
  • Explain Importance of Lead Based Paint Disclosure if Applicable
  • Schedule Selected Property Inspection(s) with Experienced Professionals
  • Attend All Inspections on Buyer’s Behalf
  • Ensure that the Buyer Receives All Inspection Reports
  • Review Inspection Reports with Buyer to Determine All “Must-have” Repairs
  • Negotiate Repairs with Seller’s Agent to Buyer’s Satisfaction
  • Obtain in Writing a List Repairs Seller Will Complete
  • Conduct a Walkthrough to Determine All Repairs were Completed Correctly
  • Verify the Title Company Has Everything Necessary for a Smooth Closing
  • Obtain Seller’s List of Current Vendors (Lawn, Pool, Pest Control etc.)
  • Deliver Pfeifer’s Relocation & Utilities Conversion Guide
  • Determine Closing Location (In Person vs. Mail Away via AppFiles or DotLoop)
  • Communicate Closing Time to All Parties
  • Confirm Closing with the Title Company
  • Deliver Keys, Codes, and Garage Door Remotes
  • Deliver All Warranty Paperwork
  • Inform & Congratulate Buyer on Their New Property
  • Confirm Seller's Agent Closes Out Property on All Real Estate Portals

Pfeifer Realty Group's Buyer Services AFTER Closing:

  • Give Access to Pfeifer’s Recommended Vendor List For Future Remodel & Decor Changes
  • Provide Homewatch Companies as Needed
  • Introduce to Local Community Service Organizations & Non-profits
  • Help Network Buyers into the New Community Via Introductions & Events
  • Send Save Our Homes Deadline Reminders at the Appropriate Time for Homestead Property Tax Savings
  • Deliver Monthly Neighborhood Market Reports w/ Active, Pending & Sold Data
  • Provide Public Beach Parking Decal Reminders, Transponder Bridge Toll Renewal Dates
  • Inform Homeowners of Major Trends or Factors Affecting Local Property Values
  • Provide Closing Documents and Records for Income Tax Purposes as Needed
  • Invite to Pfeifer Client Appreciation Events, Galas & Holiday Celebrations
  • Provide Stepped-up Cost Basis Should a Change of Life Require Valuation
  • In The Event of Any Natural Disaster, Provide all Vetted Resources & Contacts

Should you have any questions we encourage you to contact a Pfeifer Realty Group real estate agent anytime. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you achieve your real estate goals.

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