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SCCF's Bailey Homestead Campaign

Sanibel Real Estate
SCCF's Honoring the Past - Protecting the Future Campaign has four components:

  • The purchase price of 28.3 acres of wildlife habitat and the historic home of one of Sanibel's first families is $4 million
  • Consistent with earlier land acquisitions, SCCF needs to raise an additional 10%, or $400,000, to support the initial restoration and ongoing management of the land in perpetuity.
  • The initial restoration of the existing Bailey homestead buildings for all these purposes will cost $225,000, not including the sweat equity offered by our volunteer carpenters, the Hammerheads.
  • The last component of our fundraising this year supports the quality work being done in all our program areas. It addresses SCCF’s operating expenses, specifically those not covered by grant monies and other income generated by our staff. To balance our annual operating budget, we must raise $675,000 as part of this campaign.

Eric and Mary Ellen Pfeifer are honored to help support this worthy organization. They were happy to host an open house in their home to raise money needed to help SCCF acquire the Bailey Homestead.

2016 Update: The first major event was held at the Bailey Homestead: SCCF's Wines in the Wild. What a magical evening and tremendous success. This will be the first of many events at the Homestead.

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