Cathie Lewis

Cathie is originally from Middlebury, Vermont and after living in various locations throughout the Northeast she settled in on Fort Myers Beach 23 years ago. After graduating from Hudson Valley Community College, she has worked in the public sector for more than 30 years focusing primarily on public utility divisions. Cathie spent 8 years with the City of Sanibel helping to develop the Utility Department which was formed at the time the City purchased and began operating the majority of the wastewater facilities on the island. She assisted the City with the development of the funding mechanisms used to help the community establish an island-wide sanitary sewer collection and treatment system. During her time with the City, she worked through the final design and construction of the first phases of the program, including the Donax plant expansion.

She left the City to embark on what would become a 5-year sailing adventure taking her from Fort Myers Beach to Australia. During the trip, she visited an incredibly diverse array of countries learning about their history, culture, and way of life. Although impossible to choose “her favorite place”, the islands where the western influence had yet to touch were most special.

Upon returning home, Cathie took a position with the Town of Fort Myers Beach within the public works department, leading to the position of public works director. While working for the Beach she developed a stormwater management program known as PRISM (Personal Responsibility for Island Stormwater Management) that included a rainwater harvesting program consisting of rain barrels and rain gardens. As part of the plan she produced an instructional video for rainwater harvesting that is now used throughout Lee and Collier County. Cathie also finalized the construction plans and managed the reconstruction of North Estero Blvd. which included the use of unique infrastructure to handle and manage the chronic flooding that occurred along the corridor while nearly eliminating any discharge of stormwater into Estero Bay and providing a level of treatment for the water that is discharged. The North Estero Blvd. project was the first “complete streets” project completed in Lee County and has been used as a template for the Lee County complete streets program.

Cathie was recently nominated as employee of the year by the South West Florida American Public Works Association. She has been a CROW volunteer for several years and has recently joined the F.I.S.H. volunteer force to give a little back to the community she loves.

Cathie lives in the Sanibel Highlands, with her life partner Bill Mills, a Sanibel business owner, and their three dogs and cat. She has one child, Seth who is an attorney and currently lives in West Palm Beach, FL. When not working, Cathie can often be found puttering around her yard planting and replanting, walking the dogs, biking, and just enjoying life on Sanibel Island. Cathie is passionate about and continues her involvement related to water quality and the impact it has on our environment. Cathie finds gratification in helping others and has always relied upon her sincere, straightforward approach to providing her customers with the best experience offered.

She is very excited about joining the Pfeifer Realty Group and looks forward to reacquainting herself with past friends and meeting new. Remember Cathie will sincerely work for you.

(Cathie joined PRG in 2014)

Cathie's Sales Accomplishments:

Top Listing Agent April 2019